Unleash your bots
Bothaus is a chatbot augmentation and deployment platform that makes it easy for your bot to interact with the outside world!

A unique combination of features
to augment and enhance your chatbot

Dialog Engines

Connect to a range of chatbot dialog and language services, such as Watson Assistant, Pandorabots & Dialogflow. We'll maintain conversation state so you don't have to


Easily connect to pre-configured endpoints, such as Slack, Twilio SMS or Facebook Messenger, and let us handle the complexity of integration

Augment your chatbots


Trigger a range of custom actions and third party services to enhance and enrich your chatbot experience

Monitoring & Alerts

Keep tabs on your chatbot with a range of monitoring tools. Receive email alerts when your bot is having issues so you can fix issues with minimal user impact

Discover the benefits
of an enterprise bot platform

Flexible Dialog Enhancements
Let your bots interact with the outside world

Bothaus enables you to enhance your chat experience with a selection of augments focused on enriching the messaging capability of your selected dialog engine. Integrate with a range of services to let your bots interact with the outside world, without having to write a line of code.

Chatbot maps integration

Why spend time on hosting, deployments & scaling?
We'll take care of the heavy lifting

The Bothaus cloud platform can help you to reduce the costs associated with maintaining chatbots and increase productivity when making improvements.

Bothaus helps us to deploy chat applications faster and cheaper, and with more features than ever before.

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